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June 19 2016

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Looking at the asses of front row members


December 19 2015

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Min farmors far, poeten Leon Larsson. Vilken snubbe alltså!

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Min farmors far, poeten Leon Larsson. Vilken snubbe alltså!

September 11 2015


The Hungarian word for “please” is kérlék, which in turn is very similar to the Swedish word for “love”: kärlek. Since many signs in Hungarian ends with a polite kérlék, a Swede in Hungary, gets the impression that the Hungarian people is very loving. And many are. I know. I saw many of them at Keteli last weekend. But then there is Jobbik. And Orbán. And people like Petra Lazslo. And it’s really hard to connect them with the word kérlék at all. So if kérlék is a typical Hungarian word, I think Jobbik and Orban probably are quite unhungarian.

August 27 2015

December 29 2014

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December 20 2014

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November 10 2014

Carnaby-bloggen är igång igen

September 26 2014

Sök på Mathem – direkt från Google-resultatet
Bäste herre/bordellmamma

August 21 2014

Google har koll på Svennis

August 15 2014

Nej, jag har inte begärt borttagning av sökresultat

August 08 2014

Löntagarna – gamblingrelaterat fackförbund?

July 10 2014


May 07 2014

April 08 2014

CSS Naked Day 2014

March 20 2014

Nä, inte så smaskigt. Tomma tunnor skramlar väldigt högljutt.

March 14 2014

Språkförbistringar i Köpenhamn
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March 12 2014

Hur mycket ljuger partiledarna?
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March 11 2014

Hundar vs katter
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